7 Rules Present Effortless English


hi I'm AJ Hoge the director of effortless English and i have been

teaching English for WoW over 12 years and while teaching english i have found

in many countries all around the world that many students have the same kinds

of problems

unfortunately for example i have found that most students read well but speak


do you sometimes feel that you read English well

but you do not speak english well I'm sure this is very difficult for you

it's a very common problem all around the world and also for immigrants here

in the United States and in Canada and other english-speaking countries

do you sometimes feel nervous or shy when you speak English well this is

again is very common it's a very common problem

so many students feel very nervous and shy when they want to speak English and

many students just feel bad

they feel bad bored tired frustrated shy nervous about speaking English

so when I was a teacher I saw this in the past I saw it in all my classes and

all the different schools in so many different countries

the same problems and i realized i needed to find a better way to teach

because the old methods they were not working

most students had these problems even after many many years of studying

English so I searched in fact i went back to school

and I got a master's degree in teaching english i also did a lot of research

I looked and I looked for better teaching methods better teaching

techniques and finally after many years of teaching and looking

I found the answer to help students like you speak English quickly easily and

automatically and i'm happy to say that now

my students are successful students who use my methods to study with me

they learn to speak English quickly easily and automatically also very


they feel strong confident relaxed happy when they are speaking English you can


so the first thing you need to realize you probably already know the old ways

of learning the old ways of teaching

they don't work they are not successful

for example in most English schools in most English classes you study a lot of

grammar rules you study grammar rules and textbooks

it doesn't work it's not successful

right you have probably study grammar rules

many many years but still you have trouble speaking English

another thing that doesn't work is forced speaking probably and some of

your English classes

the teacher put you in little groups and told you to speak to each other right

the students speak to each other

you had some speaking activity you have done this kind of activity for many many


still you're having problems you're not alone

this is very common it does not work

another very common thing

memorizing long list of vocabulary

I'm sure you have done this maybe in the past maybe you are still trying to do


it doesn't work to study these long lists

why will you forget most of them very very quickly

studying vocabulary list doesn't work it's not a good method

so what's the solution well the number one solution is easy input

I actually have a seven rules course that teaches you my system

all of the effortless English system so i created a system that uses seven

different rules but this is probably the most important one

easy input i'm going to teach it to you now

what is English input

well input means it's coming in so that means easy listening and easy reading

how do you use this rule how do you use this to speak English quickly easily and

automatically will step number one you need to focus on a lot of easy listening

very important

most students try to listen to English that is too difficult

so you don't understand a lot of it when you don't understand a lot

you learn more slowly I know you want to learn a lot of vocabulary

don't worry you will eventually learn difficult english but now you need to

focus on a lot of easy easy english listening

so important

your step number two with that easy listening

you need to repeat it many many times you need to repeat every English audio

many times

step number three don't speak English for six months

what you're probably thinking what are you crazy a lot of students are

surprised about this but i recommend that you do not try to speak English for

six months six months

don't worry about speaking you can speak a little bit if you need to or if you

want to but don't focus on speaking

don't focus on speaking for the next six months

what are you going to do instead for the next six months step 4

just listen I'm going to listen and listen and listen to a lot of English

you are going to focus on listening for six full months

this is in a very important part of the effortless English system now I know you

think this is strange but look all babies do this right

all babies have a silent . right he imagined a baby we have a little baby

and we go to the little baby and we tell the baby

hello baby hello and then we reshape the baby we say baby say how the baby smiles

confused strength is a baby say hello hello hello

right we keep doing it again and again

the baby will never say hello of course not

we know this is crazy with a baby all babies for what may be one year

sometimes longer sometimes a little shorter they just listen they listen and


they don't try to speak and the parents don't force them to speak they listen

this is called a silent . this is the reason that all babies learn to speak


they learn perfect grammar perfect pronunciation and a lot of vocabulary

they are fluent well you want to be like the baby you want to have a silent .

also now you are an adult or older

so you don't need a total silent . you can speak a little bit of English but in

general for six months

focus just on listening here are a few do's and don'ts things to do and things

to not to do number one as i said already

I'm going to repeat it again and again because it's so important

always choose easy listening

you should understand ninety-five percent or more of everything

you listen to in english so another thing to do I told you again before me

tell you again repeat every English audio 20 to 50 times now not in the same

day of course right so maybe on the first day you listening to something in

English maybe a podcast

maybe some little conversation on a CD

well on day one maybe you listen to it five times the next day

listen again to the same audio five six times the next day

a day number 3 again five six eight times the next day again

so you listen to the same audio many times each day for maybe one week maybe

two weeks maybe longer

at least 20 to 50 times for each audio more is ok now here's something obvious

if you listen again and again and again you might get bored so it's important to

choose fun and interesting

audio right so focus on topics you like if you like travel find English audio

about the topic of travel

if you like sports find English audio about sports topics then it will be

interesting and fun for you

it's so important do not choose audio that's boring

obviously you won't like it choose things that are interesting and fun for

you and listen to them many many times

here's again I'm going to remind you again i will say it again it's so so


do not listen too difficult english i know so many students you are very

motivated you want to learn

you want to try very hard I understand but it will not help you to listen too

difficult English for example so many students try to listen to english movies

or English TV like CNN

well for most of you that's too difficult right

most of you maybe you only understand seventy percent of CNN

maybe less it's okay don't worry you don't need to get rid of it throw it


save it for later in the future

yes you will be able to understand CNN you will be able to understand movies

but right now focus on easier

audio when you can understand easy audio quick

Lee easily automatically

well then the more difficult audio also becomes easy

ok so that is my first suggestion to you to learn to speak English quickly easily

and automatically

now I told you i have seven rules for speaking english quickly easily and

automatically if you want to learn all the other rules and you want to get more

video from me more audio and emails

well just enter your email below and then each day for about 10 days i will

send you a new suggestion to learn English speaking and each suggestion

will also have a link to a video and to audio so you can use this audio from my

free email course to practice your listening

I call this course the seven rules for excellent English speaking so i hope you

enjoy the free email and also the audio and the video in the course

just enter your email below now click Submit and you will automatically and

immediately start the seven rules email course

thank you so much

you know I love teaching you thank you for letting me teaching you

I hope I can teach you more in the future thank you for being my student

I love my students I love you and I love teaching you

thank you very much i'll see you again bye bye

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