Phrases Lesson 1


Hi! It's AJ Hoge the director of EffortlessEnglish

so now you know rule number one

so let's use rule number one let's learn

some phrases

just to practice

just so you can

start using this rule and understand it

ok so I am going to teach you

some new phrases today

and uh

some of these phrases maybe you don't know them

so I will help you understand

our first phrase is




need some space

for example

I need some space

what does this mean

well it means I need time alone

I need to be alone or might need

to be away from other people

so we say this when we don't want

to be with other people

so maybe I feel tired or maybe I'm busy

or many reasons but

I say it to someone

you know I need some space right now

I need some space

it means

uhleave me alone it means I want to be


that's that's our first new phrase

need some space

I need some space means I need to be alone

uhI need time alone

uhand has the idea

please leave me alone

so need some space that's our first phrase

second phrase

into my career

career means job

so into my job

for example I might say

I am really

into my job

to be into something means

to really love it

means you'll love it a lot



you are really focusing on it

right it's very very very important

you can say

I'm really into music

it means

I really love music

right I'm really into music

I really lovemusic

or maybe one band one music group

uhfor example

I'm really into radiohead

I love radiohead and I love their music so

I'm really into them

I like them a lot

I love them I'd focus on them

to be into something

often we say it really

really into something means

you love it a lot you like it a lot

so I'm really into my career

it means I really love my job

so our first one was need some space

need some space means

need time alone or need to be alone

and number two

into my career

means really love my job

two phrases

next we have just one word sometimes it's

ok one word but we want to remember it

in a phrase so

we have the word nonverbal


nonverbal means

speaking or words

so nonverbal


no words

so usually we say

nonverbal communication

at our phrases

nonverbal communication

what is nonverbal communication

well communication

without words

body language

right so

I can show you

I can communicate that I in sad

without words

with my body

like this

I'm communicating right

I'm showing you I'm sad

but nonverbal communication

no speaking no words

body language

so nonverbal communication that's our phrase

nonverbal communication

is communication without words

communication without words

or sometimes we say body language

that is

nonverbal communication

pretty easy right not difficult



we have the word tone


tone means voice quality

voice quality for example your voice is it

loud or is it quiet

is it high or is it low

that's voice tone

so we might say

he has a very high voice tone

he has a high voice tone

or you might say

a low voice tone

So high voice tone means

high voice quality it's kind of tone

tone means kind of voice

or the kind of sound

so we'll just say high voice tone

high voice tone

it's kind of voice


low voice tone

low voice tone

pretty simple

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