ESL, Просунутий рівень

English Slang Idioms (102)

"Hi, Richard. I am kind of in a ......... here. The Accounts Payable needs to be updated today and I need the information from your department on how many office supplies you have ordered this month. Can you help?" Jim asked.
"Hi, Jim. I understand that you have to have all of the information into the accountants today. The information you need will be there in a .......... I am going to get to work on it right now and I should be finished in about a half-hour," Richard replied
"Rodney, I know that you have your presentation planned out but we have less time than was originally allotted. Can you just hit the vital points or describe your plan in a .........?" Marcie said.
"Can you explain, Tommy, why your performance has been slipping? You are still within one standard deviation of the average but you have gone from above average to slightly below average. Is there something going on in your personal life or are you just in a .........?" Marcie asked.
"Richard, it's Jim again. You told me that I would get the information in about a half-hour and you're now three hours late. You have really put me in a ......... spot here. I only have an hour and a half to get everything done and I need your information before I can take the next step."
"Jim, it's Richard. I am sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner but I have been assigned a different and more pressing task. I will try to get that information to you soon. In all ........., Jim, I would like to help but you are supposed to request the information earlier in order to give our department two days to work on it. If I can help I will but the situation you find yourself in is your own doing."
"Jim, it's Richard again. We have completed the other task and will have your information in an .......... You owe me one. Sorry I was late but boss' orders."
Hi, Marcie, it's Frank. I wanted to report something that happened at lunch. I saw Bethany, from the clerical department, get mugged in broad .......... I wanted to help but the guy had a gun. Will you call security and the police?"
"May I have your attention please. The police have apprehended the mugger. We have, unfortunately, discovered through viewing the security tapes that one of our employees was in ......... with the mugger," Marcie told the staff.
"Jim, it's Matt. You have to help me. Marcie thinks that I helped signal the mugger. I am in dire ......... here. You have to tell her that it wasn't me. I can't lose my job and go to jail!"