ESL, Просунутий рівень

Legendary King Arthur

According to novels and movies ......... King Arthur led Britain against Saxon invaders. Modern scholars believe Geoffry of Monmouth was so frustrated by the absence of a historical history of his people, he took a few legends and recreated them into coherent, but imaginative story.
Present day historians disputed his historical existence, but instead believe his background was ......... from folklore enhanced by a skillful mix of tales inherited by each generation.
Some stories were invented using the 12th century collection "History of the Kings of Britain" written by Geoffrey of Monmouth as ......... but strangely, early genealogies of Welsh royal families listed no person of royal or noble birth named "Arthur."
Welsh poetry ......... Arthur as a great man capable of defending Britain from human and supernatural enemies.
Poets and authors in later years ......... the stories and added more characters, such as Guinevere, Merlin and Lancelot.
Historians have declared there was no factual basis for a ruler named Arthur in Welsh royal families. They suggest the name may have come from a ........., Arcturus.
Arcturus was a Celtic hero who cleared the land of giants. Still other researchers wonder if the name could have been ......... from the Roman name, Artoius.
One of the great legends about Author was when he had a wooden round table built for meeting with his knights. The idea was ......... when his men argued about the seating rights, when the former table used was rectangular. The further away from the king a man sat, the less important he was considered.
In the ninth century, the Welsh writer Nennius described Arthur as a ......... leader uniting the Britons against the invading Saxons.
Throughout the centuries, other authors have ......... the legend of King Author. Many writers found inspiration in reading about the British king who may have never lived, but whose stories will never die.