ESL, Просунутий рівень

Real Life: Vehicle Parts (3)

Don't forget to hit the ......... when you want to stop. If you press this pedal, you will come to a stop.
I prefer driving ......... cars as opposed to standard transmission vehicles. I don't like all of the work that comes with a standard car.
Don't forget to check your windshield washer ......... level. If you run out, you won't be able to spray your windshield with cleaner while you're driving. Sometimes, you really need to clean your windshield while driving.
Have you checked your tire ......... lately? You should because you get better gas mileage if your tires have enough air in them. Here, use this gauge to check them now.
In most manual transmission cars, there are usually three pedals on the floor on the driver's side. There is the accelerator pedal as well as the brake and ......... pedals side by side.
You should adjust your head ......... level so that your head is level with the back of your seat. This is important if you are ever rear-ended.
Look inside my ......... box. I always keep my driver's manual as well as my insurance and registration paperwork in there.
I need a new set of all-season .......... These are old and are potentially dangerous because they are so bald.
"Please adjust your ......... mirror," the driving instructor said to the student driver, Layla. "Remember to always adjust this center mirror level because you have to be able to see behind you at all time while driving."
"Also, make sure that you move and adjust both of your ......... mirrors because these two mirrors will also help you see what is coming or going behind the car. But, don't forget to shoulder check as well!" The driving instructor said to the student driver.