ESL, Просунутий рівень

Real Life: Criminal Justice System (2)

Businesses that attempt to convert illegal, drug money into clean, legal money via the creation of phony work-orders etc. are guilty of money ..........
The ......... bombing outside of the mosque marked the end of a particularly bloody week for that region. A man — with explosives strapped to his chest — entered the crowded area and blew himself up and killed thirty other people in the process.
Police officers can issue ......... tickets to those who choose to exceed the posted speed limits.
The police let me off easy after they broke up the fight outside the bar. They could have charged me with assault — since I started the fight — but I was only charged with ......... conduct.
The police charged me with drunk ......... even though I wasn't past the legal limit. Apparently, you can be charged if they feel that you are intoxicated even if you aren't over the legal blood-alcohol limit.
I don't care if what I said hurt your feelings or if you felt insulted. You can't hit people in the face just because you are angry. I am going to have you charged with assault and ......... for this.
I am sorry I am late for your party. I was ......... on the way to the subway and the guy stole my wallet and my watch! I didn't have money for a subway ticket so I had to walk home to get some.
My son is going to jail for ten years for armed .......... He had a pocket knife in his back pocket and swears he didn't remember it was there and didn't pull it out while he was robbing the store. The arresting officer didn't believe him and neither did the judge. I don't know what to do!
I just learned that one can be found guilty of ......... if he/she threatens someone and that threat causes that individual to feel reasonable anticipation of bodily harm. I thought you could only get charged with that if you actually hit someone.
Did you hear the news last night? That lady who hit and killed that young girl on her bike because she was paying more attention to her cell phone while operating her car is being charged with vehicular .......... I am glad she is getting charged with that. There is no excuse for endangering people's lives because you want to talk on your cell phone.