ESL, Просунутий рівень

Real Life: Vehicle Parts (1)

......... on a vehicle are very important because they light up at night so that we can see where we're going. There are usually two of these located at the front end of vehicles.
......... are what we sit on when we are riding in a car. Sometimes, there are two of these in the front and a longer bench-type in the back.
......... are mandatory devices in most cars. They make loud, beeping sounds and they are used to alert other drivers about something. This noise is made by pushing the middle portion of most steering wheels.
The ......... is located in the interior portion of many vehicles. This is a long area that usually spans the interior width and contains the speedometer as well as other controls and driving instruments. This is also where a stereo/radio is found.
The ......... is very important because this part controls the cooling system. When an engine is running, it creates heat so this part is needed to maintain a stable temperature and to prevent the engine from overheating.
A ......... is an instrument that shows how fast a vehicle is traveling at any given moment. There is a needle within the instrument that around a numbered dial as the car increases/decreases speed.
Seat ......... are strap-like devices that are found in all vehicles. They are meant to hold drivers and passengers back, so they are not thrown forward into the dash or windshield in the event of an accident. Passengers and drivers put themselves in danger when they do not wear these.
The metal lid that covers an engine is called a .......... This is large metal shell that is found on the exterior part of car.
A car ......... is a rechargeable-type device that delivers the electrical energy needed to start and operate most vehicles. You can't start your car or truck without this device.
A car ......... is the large portion of glass that is located at the front of the vehicle. Sometimes, drivers will notice chips or cracks in this glass.