ESL, Просунутий рівень

Boating Terms (1)

Let's unload the boat at the ......... and then find a parking spot. No one will take the stuff in the boat or the boat itself while we are gone. Then, it will only take us a couple of minutes to get the boat in the water and then we are off!
I was just looking on the Internet and have come to the conclusion that we should ......... the boat a little further downstream from our original location. Apparently, there are some rapids that are pretty dangerous between our original site and three miles downstream.
Why don't you ask the ......... of the ship? I bet he would know the history behind this cruise ship. He has been in charge of this boat for thirty years and knows more about it than anyone else here.
I think I am going to join the ......... when I get out of high school. I have always loved ships and I think that I would have a great time sailing around the world.
I just bought a ......... and paddles. It will be fun and paddling is good exercise!
I would like to go but I don't know how to ......... a motorboat so I don't know if I should come.
Can we go to the ......... museum? I would like to see their old fishing boats, navigation equipment, captain's logs, and any other ship artifacts they have.
What kind of boat is it? Is it the kind with a motor or does it have sails? Or is it the kind you need ......... for? If I do need paddles, does the boat come with them or do I have to buy them separately?
What does ......... Law say about piracy within the United State's territory? Are pirates eligible for the death penalty? What is the punishment for piracy?
Back in the old days, a ......... would go down with his ship if it sunk as a sign of loyalty to it, I suppose. I don't know if captains of ships still drown themselves like that. I'll have to look that up sometime.