ESL, Просунутий рівень

Real Life: Business Jargon (1)

When deciding to form a partnership with another company, it is important to ascertain if the company you want to partner with is a good ......... fit with your own company. If the partnership won't align your business with its goals, it may not be a good choice.
Businesses sometimes form partnerships or assign teams to complete projects to capture the effects of .........; where the end result is greater than the sum of its parts.
American management is very ......... driven. Managers like to evaluate employees based on quantitative measures designed to measure the accomplishment of specific goals.
One of the first steps in implementing a total-quality management system is conducting a review of all of a business's activities to ensure that the activities that don't add value are eliminated and those that are value-......... are improved.
Businesses try to eliminate redundancies in their research and development activities because it is very expensive to reinvent the ......... these days.
Due, in part, to the many cases of accounting fraud in the early 2000's, investors, government entities and non-governmental organizations are asking businesses for a greater degree of ......... in their business operations.
With today's current focus on sustainability, businesses who are going ......... are experiencing a great degree of commercial success.
Today's business environment requires companies to be good corporate ......... as well as be profitable.
Businesses may be able to obtain a competitive advantage over others by transferring best ......... from where they originated within an organization to each part and each location of their business operations.
Today's management theories indicate that if a firm wants to remain competitive in today's environment, it should focus on its core ......... in other words things it does better than its competitors and outsource any operations that others do better.