ESL, Просунутий рівень

English Slang Idioms (196)

"I didn't think he was capable of meeting the unrealistic sales goal he set for himself. He really ......... the goods this month by not only meeting but surpassing the goal he set for himself. I think a promotion might be in order, John," Lisa, his boss, told her boss.
He always became nervous when reporting to a new boss. It was hard to start over again with an unknown ......... especially one he didn't know how to please. He couldn't even rely on the past to derive the boss' expectations.
"When Jake finds out that you knowingly and willingly misrepresented the company for your own gain, there will be the devil to .......... True, the misrepresentation will only cause minor harm, if any, but it shows a pattern of behavior that is untrustworthy. You may want to start looking for other jobs," Tina told Melissa.
"Many companies can come up with good ideas that fail in the implementation stage. Too often, too much time is spent refining the idea and not enough time is spent of determining how to make the idea come to fruition. When you become managers, you will have to remember to allocate a lot of time to planning the implementation of an idea so that it doesn't die on the .........," the management professor told her students.
"There is always so much to do and so little time to do it when a new software program is implemented by this company. To update all of the machines, prepare a training program for the staff and work out any bugs in the software, we have had to ......... in and work overtime seven days a week," Bonnie told her friend Lisa.
"I have had the worst time this month meeting my financial obligations. So many random occurrences keep happening that cause me to lose money. I just had to ......... into my savings again to pay a plumber to unclog my septic tank. Needless to say, that was not on the agenda," Jill told Rachel.
"I would like to propose that we buy Smith Supplies. They may be a ......... store operation but they have the contacts to save us a lot of money in inventory. If we purchase this company, we can eliminate the middle man and go to the wholesalers overseas directly," Mark told the investors.
In the end, he had a good day. He woke up to his plumbing malfunctioning. Water was leaking from some of the fixtures and his sink, toilet and tub were backed up. He expected thousands of dollars in repairs and was forced to call a local plumber. Once the plumber was on site, he informed Mr. Tim that the line had to be snaked and would only cost him $100. That was ......... cheap, in his opinion, for plumbing services.
He was shocked at some of the clientele who wandered into his restaurant. He hoped, by providing the proper ambience, rich furnishings and high-priced specialty dishes he would keep the raucous riff-raff away from his business. Unfortunately, his latest customers had all been rude, inappropriately-attired college students that had the tendency to scare away the more refined diners and his ......... looks had not been enough to deter them from coming back.
"My boss keeps insinuating that if I am to keep my job, I have to be willing to do some unethical things, such as falsifying documents regarding some of our clients' cases. I told him today that I would not be willing to ......... my hands to keep a job and certainly not for twelve dollars an hour," Luke said to Stacey.