ESL, Просунутий рівень

Camel Jumping

The ancient sport of camel jumping supposedly began as a dare between two Zaraniq tribesmen many generations ago. Prizes are awarded to the man who can clear the most ..........
The athletic performances are in big demand at traditional galas and weddings, with competition between tribesmen as greatly anticipated as the ......... celebration.
It seemed like a ......... statement, when a photojournalist said he wondered why camel jumpers had not appeared in the Olympics yet.
A photojournalist, Adam Reynolds, spent months photographing the jumpers for Smithsonian Magazine. After six months, he realized it was ......... that he leave the politically dangerous area.
Some readers took offense at the idea of a jumper being able to achieve this seemingly impossible feat totally unaided and thought it was a stunt ......... on the reader.
They speculated that the height of a camel would be a ......... for a lone jumper, unaided by others. Readers continued to wonder if the man was thrown into the air, jumped off a hill, or used some kind of a spring-board.
......... contend that since camels are over six feet tall and several of them standing shoulder-to-shoulder would occupy the space of a modern day SUV, it would be highly unlikely a jumper could take a running leap to sprint over three or four camels.
Unlike the sport of bull-jumping, which still exists in some countries, there is no danger to the participant. The camels stand ......... chewing their food while the jumpers vault over their backs.
The athletic feat of jumping over animals dates back to the Minoan period. Men and woman of ancient Crete competed against each other in contests by leaping over the back of a bull, performing ......... before landing on the ground.
In some parts of Spain, participants jump onto the backs of bovines performing similar stunts. However, the danger is minimal as cows are much more ......... than bulls.