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Real Life: Real Estate (5)

If you ever want to go to Lake Tahoe, I have an old friend with a ......... in the woods there. He'd let us stay in it if I asked him.
We live in a double-wide ......... home in a nice park. None of the others are less than 10 years old and the park is landscaped very nicely. How about you? Where do you live?
My husband refuses to park our cars in the .......... Instead, he turned it into a shop and insists he will do the same where ever we move.
We got sick of having to take care of our yard and our old place. We decided to move into an apartment ......... and haven't regretted the decision once. We don't have to worry about taking care of a yard and the place doesn't require as much upkeep as our old house since it is quite a bit smaller.
We figured a fresh coat of paint and some new plants for the landscaping would be a relatively inexpensive way to significantly increase the ......... appeal of our place. We are going to put it up for sale in about a month and wanted to make sure people's first impression of the place would be a good one.
There is an ......... right between my neighbors' fence and our fence. For the past three nights, we have been woken up by kids yelling as they walk through it to get to the street. It is very irritating but there is nothing we can do.
The earthquake cracked our ......... and now we have to repave it. We can still drive down it but it looks horrible and apparently will get worse. It will cost a lot of money and our home owner's insurance doesn't cover earthquakes.
In Canada, one is required to sweep or shovel the snow off the ......... in front of his or her house or he or she might face a lawsuit if someone slips and falls as a result of the snow.
I love our new house. One of my favorite architectural features on it is a good-sized ......... on the second story. It is about 6' by 8' and has planters for plants built around its three sides. We planted geraniums and petunias in the planters and they look beautiful.
We recently installed an ......... that completely covers our deck. Now we can sit on it in the afternoon without the sun beating down on our heads and it protects us from the rain as well.