ESL, Просунутий рівень

Corporate Culture (3)

After a motion is made in a business meeting, the board can then vote on a decision about the motion. The final decision regarding a motion is called a ..........
In a business meeting, a secretary usually takes the .......... This refers to an official record of what happened and what was said during the meeting.
When two parties are negotiating an agreement or contract, a ......... situation occurs when both parties benefit in some way.
When a person makes a decision very quickly, it is often called a ......... decision.
If a job advertisement states that a company offers a ......... salary that means the company is willing to offer a salary that is equal or better than salaries paid by other companies in the same industry.
If a job advertisements states that they are looking for someone with an ......... for detail, the company wants to hire someone who can spot mistakes or errors quickly and easily as well as pay attention to the very smallest details in order to strive for perfection.
Many companies really want their sales' teams to .......... In other words, they want their employees to persuade customers to buy more items such as expensive upgrade features, add-ons and warranties.
If a company announces a ........., that means there is something wrong with a product sold that was sold and all customers should return the item they bought as soon as possible. It is an official order to return something.
The company asked its employees to reinvent the .......... The employees have to start the process one more time, from the beginning, because the first attempt was not successful or efficient.
Tim really dropped the ......... at work this week. This means that Tim made a big or serious mistake at work.