ESL, Просунутий рівень

Napoleon bonaparte's Mysterious Death

Approximately six months prior to Napoleon Bonaparte's death on St. Helena Island in 1821, he experienced a rash of over 30 peculiar symptoms. After a ......... his doctor concluded death was due to stomach cancer.
The final diagnosis of his death would not have been questioned further, if it had not been his ......... of giving locks of his hair as gifts.
Moving forward, in 1955 a Swedish scientist read the journals of Napoleon's valet, Marchand and saw an ......... Why had Napoleon become fat, when it was common knowledge that cancer emaciates its victims?
The scientist concluded that Bonaparte's cause of death was ......... Now he had to find a way to prove his theory.
In order to prove his suspicions, the scientist collected carefully saved locks of Bonaparte's hair. His ......... would astound the world.
Marchand had kept not only a lock of Napoleon Bonaparte's hair, but also an ......... record of the Emperor's last six months preceding his death.
Scientists were ......... at the results which showed Bonaparte must have swallowed a great deal of arsenic over a six month period. The validity of the test was 100 per cent accurate due to using 140 samples of his hair.
Further support for the test results was found in civic records recorded on October 15, 1840 when Napoleon's coffin was opened before sending it to France for a state funeral. Nineteen years after his death, the body was seen to be in perfect condition, even though it had never been ..........
Scientists realized that the presence of arsenic in the body would have delayed the body's decay. Although, ......... the evidence against the most likely suspect was a courtier, Count Charles Montholon who Bonaparte dismissed from a diplomatic job.
The exile and murder of Napoleon Bonaparte was a pathetic end to a man whose life was filled with epoch-making achievements. Just a short ten years before, he ......... many lands and vowed to rule the world.